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ECO Consult has successfully co-designed and performed over 50 long-term projects, some of them with a time span of up to 15 years, in sequence. The in-depth knowledge gained through such close, long-term cooperation, exceptional continuity of advising personnel and organisational stability comes to benefit our clients. Successful assistance has been delivered in over 350 short-term missions.

For an overview according to field of activity or geographic area please use our database. You will receive a choice of references according to your criterion. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

ECO's expertise presently extends to 87 countries. In evaluations and project management assignments, ECO is a long-standing framework contractor to the European Commission.
The following selection highlights ECO's innovative strategic and implementation approaches.

    BENIN:   Capacity Development of Education Authorities (ProEduc)
    Burkina Faso: Decentralization and Community Development Programme (Programme Décentralisation/Développement Communal – PDDC), Local Finances Component
    cameroon: Support to the National Forest Programme (Programme Sectoriel Forêts-Environnement – PSFE)
    central africa: Support to RIFFEAC
    Chad: Conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems in the Soudano-Sahelian zone
    CHAD: Decentralized rural development programme (PDRD)
    ETHIOPIA: Sustainable utilization of natural resources for improved food security
Component: Amhara region
    INDONESIA: Forest and Climate Change Programme
    Madagascar: De-central management of natural resources
    MaurItania: De-central management of natural resources, Guidimakha

Advisory support to the management of Diawling National Park

    Mauritania: Education and Training of Decentralisation Actors
    Morocco: Nature conservation and combating desertification
    Paraguay: Sustainable management of natural resources
    PERU: Sustainable development programme
    senegal: Self-help oriented management of pastoral resources in Ferlo
    senegal: Program for the promotion of renewable enegies, energy efficiency and access to energy services (PERACOD)
    Sri Lanka: Disaster Safety Education
    Supra-National:   HERA-Basic energy supply for households and small business
    Supra-National: Vocational Training Course 'Forestry'
    Supra-National: Supra-regional CILSS States:
Regional program to support household and alternative energy in the Sahel region (PREDAS
    TUNISIA: Sustainable management of forest eco-systems
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