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Sustainable management of natural resources

Small farmers in selected areas were supported to make use of new techniques in agriculture and forest management and increase the yield per area, while protecting natural resources at the same time.  

Activities comprised:
• Improving and securing of the effective management of finances by means of simplification and acceleration of the mechanisms for application, handling and controlling
• Strengthening the cooperation among stakeholder institutions by the means of coordination among the Ministry for Agriculture, KfW, GTZ and the consulting services financed by BID-PRODESAL
• Conceptual and technical advise to the partner organisation in the fields of management of natural forests, agro-forestry and sowing techniques, evaluation and adaptation of support services
• Strengthening institutional capacity by incorporation and education of further consulting service providers (NGOs, municipalities, province authorities, cooperatives etc.) and private firms

Time span Commissioning body    
2004-2010 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  AGEG Consultants e.G.
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