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Support to the National Forest Programme (Programme Sectoriel Forêts-Environnement – PSFE)


Germany ia a major supporter to Cameroon's National Forest Programme (Programme Sectoriel Forêts et Environnement – PSFE), which started in 2006. The programme's overall targets include conservation and valuation of the national forest and wildlife resources. To secure the economic, ecological and social functions of Cameroon's forest eco-systems in the long term, diverse stakeholder groups receive support in sustainable resources management. The German contribution is currently geared towards establishing a basket funding approach (Fonds Commun) for advisory services and investments by Germany and fellow donors in the area.

A forest policy advice component works at improving the legal and institutional regulatory prerequisites in support of the voluntary partnership agreement on behalf of the EU-FLEGT process. A revision the Forest Law, a more institutionalised use of modern forest management plans, and an extension of IT databases contribute to outscaling sustainable forest management best practices and provide the basis for timber tracking.

To improve the management of public finance in the forest sector the instruments and processes applied as yet are being harmonized. The establishment and dispersal of public budgets are trained, as well as a more self-reliant use of sectoral programme budgets.

A third component endorses the promising approach of both conserving and valuating the forest through demarcation of community forests.

By means of a national climate policy Cameroon tries to tie up its wealth of natural resources with international REDD processes (e.g. pilot measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, feeding thier experience and lessons learnt back into the policy; adoption to climate change measures). The programme provides support to establishing the necessary institutional framework for putting the REDD mechanism into practice.

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2011– 2015 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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