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Folder ECO Consulting Group (English, 800 KB)


Folder ECO Consulting Group (Francais, 630 KB)


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Folder ECO Trainings in climate change adaptation and mitigation
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Information about ECO's Agadir office
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ECO Services for Latin America and the Caribbean
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ECO Services for Latin America and the Caribbean
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    Biodiversity conservation
          Peru's Programa Desarrollo Rural Sostenible (PDRS, GIZ) has laid down programmatic reflexions about protected area management, in a Latin American context. The brochure, distilled from its own technical experience and called: "Minimum standards for protected area management" ("Estándares Mínimos en la Gestión de Áreas Naturales Protegidas") was conceived and compiled by ECO/AGEG.
        (Spanish, 2.1 MB)
         Forest governance/ nfp
          Cornelia Sepp and Stefan Mann review the progress and outline success factors of national forest programme implementation in 76 countries, in ETFRN News issue 53 of May 2012.
        1.17 MB
        Natural resources management
  The GIZ programme "Gestion des ressources naturelles en Mauritanie" presents its impacts, lessons learnt and challenges from 10 years of work (2001-2011)
2.7 MB
Climate change 
  GTZ and the CBD Secretariat show how REDD programming and pro-livelihood & pro-biodiversity measures can go hand in hand
2.3 MB
Forest governance
  GTZ's Environment and Climate Change Division assesses potentials of "Forest Governance in a Rapidly Changing World"
2.65 MB 
Climate change
  The reality of climate change as it makes itself felt in daily life in three different geographical regions of Peru: This is what this booklet, as an accompanying material to the exhibition “The climate is changing, and so is my life”, reveals in excellent photographs and original testimonies by ordinary Peruvians.
2.3 MB 
Bioresources management
  German-ASEAN Regional Forest programme (ReFOP) publishes 500-pages compilation of 25 years of project work
7.4 MB
Sustainable forest management
  "Le Reboisement villageois individuel": Des modèles pour générer des revenues at améliorer l'approvisionnement d'énergie – leçons apprises du projet GREEN-Mad, Madagascar
4.62 MB
Community forestry/biomass energy 
  Lessons Learnt from the Katavi-Rukwa Conservation and Development Programme, Tanzania
  3.6 MB
 National forest programmes
  "Understanding national forest programmes": Cornelia Sepp co-authors revision of FAO's concept of national forest programmes
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