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Support to RIFFEAC (Réseau des Institutions de Formation Forestière et Environnementale d’Afrique centrale)


The project strengthens RIFFEAC (a network of forest and environmental high schools and technical schools of Central Africa) through training and staff development activities, to enable them to formulate a regional education and training policy and design and implement further education workshops orientated on market needs.
As part of an ongoing partnership agreement between the GIZ and RIFFEAC, ECO Consult is familiar with the programme since 2008. Consulting, development and implementation of forest-specific workshops and technical support are the role of ECO to bring forward the partner schools of the RIFFEAC network.
Financed by the BMZ of Germany, the main objectives of this network-support are:

• to rise RIFFEAC as communication platform and exchange of information in the forest sector of Central Africa,
• to actualize curricula and to adapt them to market conditions,
• to elaborate a common forest education policy and
• to develop further education programs in RIFFEAC schools.

To reach these objectives, ECO plans, organizes and realizes different kind of technical and political workshops together with the RIFFEAC partner institutions.

In 2009 several technical workshops were realized for the RIFFEAC member schools about participatory methods in education systems (Germany), climate change and REDD (Cameroun) and forest certification (Gabon). In 2010 the institutional and technical capacity of RIFFEAC was strengthened. This enables the organization to formulate a regional advanced education policy and to design and implement a needs-based education and further training offer. A regional policy dialogue, including eight national and one regional workshop, aimed at the participatory development of a common policy for secondary and tertiary education in the forest and environmental sector of the Congo Basin countries. The workshops fortified the image of RIFFEAC as communication platform for COMIFAC's education efforts.


• In 2011 the focus of action was put on the adaptation of curricula of RIFFEAC member schools. On behalf of a homogenous methodology, curricula were first presented in a general introductive workshop in Gabon, followed by a special support of 5 selected pilot schools by a team of our national and international experts. The diverse workshops allowed participants of RIFFEAC members to take an active and constructive role. Through the workshops, RIFFEAC partners have become familiar with the methods of improving the curricula and the competence approach.

• The importance of integrating socio-professional key persons was highlighted and included in all activities of 2011.
Furthermore, a workshop for fundraising, marketing of further education courses and workshop organization were designed, implemented and documented in Burundi.

• In addition to this, a first draft catalogue of training courses for the following activities RIFFEAC was performed, as well as a detailed study of the qualitative and quantitative requirements of 29 strategic job-types of the forest- and environmental sector in Central Africa was elaborated. This study shall serve as the basis of the adaptation of curricula aligned to market needs.

To date, an advanced training for curriculum design and development of strategic school development plans was fixed in the annual planning workshop, for further activities of the GIZ-RIFFEAC partnership. Technical monitoring of schools in curriculum adaptation and preparation of school development plans was realized in 2012, as well as a basic training design and delivery of further education programs and technical assistance.

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2010-2013 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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