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Self-help oriented management of pastoral resources in the Ferlo

The project supported by the consortium ECO/IRAM aimed at improving the most relevant stakeholders’ knowledge and skills in a way that their existing system of extensive livestock keeping remains operational, in the long term, without putting the area’s capacities at risk.

Pastoral communities and their associations were capacitated to manage the pivotal resources of water, trees and pasture in a more self-reliant and sustainable way (measures against illiteracy, technical extension for well committees, conflict management).
• Regulatory framework for water well management
• Long-term scientific guidance about the ecology and capacities of pastures
• Prevention of bush fires through the establishment of fire prevention strips and through sensitising the population.
• Consultancy and support for public institutions and regional administrations in the implementation of the sector’s laws and strategies, in the project area.
Results (forest-related):
• 3600 ha of state driven reforestation (Acacia senegal) ; 3977 hectares of communal reforestation, 341 ha of private reforestation;
• 112 km of windbreaks (Prosopis juliflora) ;
• 1060 hectares of mise en défens
• 19.400 ha of pasture rehabilitation
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2004-2007 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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