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German-Madagascan environmental programme –
Component: De-central management of natural resources

The project supports the local resource management (forest, energy, soil) under participation of private and village stakeholders.  
In the “green charcoal chain” developed by the project producers receive a price premium for sustainably produced charcoal.
ECO supports and advices the programme partners at the respective levels concerning the planning, organisation and implementation of the programme contribution in order to achieve the above mentioned goals through the following activities:
1. Involvement in the advancement of community/ private forest management models in natural forests and afforestations, including the use, transformation and marketing of wood products.
2. Advancement of economic models for forestry production, including anti-poverty effectiveness of forest management and use. Those models account for potential conflicts of forestry with agricultural land use forms and economic consequences of biodiversity conservation.
3. Representation of the energy sector, in particular renewable energies, in the national discussion, particularly in the context of the environmental action plan.
4. Cooperation (networking) with other technical cooperation projects acting in the field of household fuel supply. In particular, cooperation with the sector project “basic energy supply”, which promotes knowledge management and concept development for this issue.
5. Cooperation with international and national forestry and energy relevant projects with national decision makers and other donors.
Time span Commissioning body    
2008-2013 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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