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Decentral management of natural resources, Guidimakha

The Project was the second component of a nationwide Programme for Management of natural resources (ProGRN) assisting population and administration to manage the natural resources of selected areas in a sustainable way. In Guidimaka, the population, organized on the supra-local level, was assisted to implement user agreements for the sustainable management of natural resources.

The project provided conceptual, methodological, technical and financial support on several levels and assisted in impact monitoring. Resource user groups, communities and technical agencies in the regions Hodh el Gharbi and Guidimakha were adviced and trained in the introduction and application of decentralized resource management schemes. The project supported the population in the implementation of user agreements for the sustainable management of natural resources.
User groups, assisted by the administration, organised the monitoring of user agreements and the collection of fees.
Time span Commissioning body    
2008-2010 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  Institut de Recherches et d´Application des Méthodes de Développement (IRAM), Paris
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