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Sustainable management of forest ecosystems


ECO Consult’s contribution consisted of consultancy services to the Tunisian Forestry Department in regard to the improvement of the integration of local communities into the sustainable management of the forest resources. In addition, the privatization of economic areas such as nursery production, national parks, etc. was launched.

The role of the forest authority had to be redefined, including respective instructions, directives and statements. Besides support in remodelling, the regulatory framework of forest management tools had to be adapted and respective capacity training provided. To this end, support has been supplied to set up a decentralised internet-based forest planning, management, monitoring and evaluation tool (SIPF).

Procedures to simplify forest management plans were introduced, as well as participatory rules and regulations for co-management. Model contracts were developed to arrange the relationship (rights and obligations) between the forest service and the forest user groups. A computer based information system, to monitor the co-management contracts was established.

To enhance rural development the potentials of eco tourism in the forested North of Tunisia were investigated in collaboration with the rural stakeholders, and respective tours and guides developed.

Eco tourism potentials in the forested North of Tunisia were investigated.
• A regulatory framework for co-management was introduced
• More than 40 user groups entered into a new more self-determined relationship with the forest authority.
• Destinations were developed for ecotourism and three ecotourism guides published.
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2004-2007 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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