fields of work – overview


Governance for sustainable development

Decentralization I administrative and law reform I local finance and fiscal reform I policy development (environmental sector) I MEA I gender I regional cooperation I financing mechanisms and instruments (PES)



Natural resources management

Forest management I watershed management I silvo-pastoral management systems I coastal zone management I environmental economics I NTFP


    Strategic competency development

Tool and instrument development I didactic concepts and methods I HCD strategies I strategic evaluation I organizational development



Renewable energies

Demand and supply strategies I energy value chain optimization I combustion and conversion technologies I dissemination and marketing I sustainable wood energy I micro-hydro power

    Rural development and food security

Local and regional development I value chain development I land management I small-scale irrigation I agriculture I agroeconomics I green economy

      Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

Protected area management I eco-corridors I buffer zone development I access and benefit sharing I valorization of eco-system services I sustainable tourism I environmental education


    Climate change response strategies

Mitigation I REDD+ I low carbon land use I ecosystem-based adaptation I disaster risk management I training


Sector management and school administration I quality improvement in formal education I non-formal basic education for youth and adults I vocational training for sustainable development I school safety I curricula development I institutional management



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