Investing in education and extension means paving the way for sustainable livelihoods. Despite impressive efforts in this direction many countries still miss out on a considerable potential for self-determined development. Economies suffer from the low level of education in large parts of their populations; moves towards democratization are hampered by a lack of citizens who are capable and willing to give public life its shape.

ECO, through its subsidiary company ECO Education, offers advice to governments and organizations on the identification, implementation and appreciation of educational policy options and programmes/projects. Increasingly, cooperation in education today means supporting the partner countries in the development of educational systems.

We conceive „education for all“ and „life-long learning“ in the sense of a holistic approach of „human resources development“ (HRD). This includes formal und non-formal basic education, educational offers of the secondary and tertiary sector, all kinds of shaping practical skills, capacitating people who are already in the working process, and all intersecting activities.

ECO offers the following services:

• Policy and strategy development for the education sector (sector wide approach)
• Strengthening of the sector administration (including support to decentralised structures and other stakeholders)
• Curriculum reform, development of modules and courses for formal and non-formal education
• Training of teachers, trainers and staff in the education sector, organisations, projects and services as well as staff of organisations working in the non-formal sector
• Development, production and introduction of teaching and learning material
• Implementation and impact monitoring, evaluation of existing systems and programmes.

People are the most important resource for a country's development.
Training of teachers

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