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In order to provide for a wide spectrum of development related services ECO developed a network of collaborating partners. The ECO Consulting Group GmbH&Co KG and the ECO Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH are our legal and administrative backbones.

ECO Consult Sepp und Busacker Partnerschaft
since 01.01.2006; previously: ECO Gesellschaft für sozialökologische Programmberatung Sepp & Busacker GbR and ECO Studien Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft.

ECO Education
Our experts for capacity development in the education sector
ECO Expo
Our experts for environmental communication and PR
ECO Nature Edition Steinhauer-Burkart OHG
Our expert for on the ground country information literature
ECO Reisen GmbH&Co KG
Our experts for expeditions
ECO Strat
Working group of Undersecretary retd. Günter H. Winkler and ECO Consult
ECOG Mahgreb s.a.r.l.
Our regional office in Agadir, Morocco.
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